Miscellaneous Forms

Informational Resource: Character and Fitness Guidelines adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court 2015

Informational Resource: Current Rules of Admission

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Sample Character and Fitness Application

Change of Address Form (Exams) PDF 

Complaint Form PDF (Against Applicant for Bar Admission) - If you have information, or wish to submit comments about an applicant seeking admission to practice law in Arizona (see Supreme Court Rule 36, Rules for Admission), please complete the complaint form and submit to the Committee on Character and Fitness.

Sample Exam Application Questions

Practice Pending Affidavit

Required forms for Examination Application:

Code of Conduct (Initial each appropriate line and sign)

Declaration (This form must be notarized)

Authorization and Release (This form must be notarized)

Notification of Intent to Test Via Laptop (Required ONLY if you wish to test by laptop)

Permission to Write (Required for each exam after six unsuccessful attempts per Administrative Order and Rule 35 (c)(3) Change effective January 1, 2021)

Early Tester Affidavit - Restricted to Individuals who qualify under Rule 34(b)(2)

Courtesy Seating Forms: (For applicants seeking portable score but not seeking admission in Arizona)
Exam Courtesy Seating Declaration
Exam Courtesy Seating Authorization & Release

Miscellaneous Character and Fitness/AOM Application Forms: 

Authorization and Release  for AOM (This form must be notarized)

Declaration for AOM (This form must be notarized)

Rule 38(h) and PPA Affidavit for AOM

Authorization and Release for Character Report (This form must be notarized)

Declaration for Character Report (This form must be notarized)

Bankruptcy Form

Bonding History Form

Civil Actions History Form

Criminal Cases Form

Debts Form

Denial or Revocation of Professional License Form

Employment Form

Employment Dishonesty Form

Employment Discharge Form

Formal/Informal Disciplinary Proceedings Form

Formal/Informal Charges Complaints or Grievances Form

Fraud/Perjury/Misrepresentation Form

Reprimand/Censures/Suspension/Disbarred/Disqualified Form

Resigned in Lieu Form

Traffic Cases History Form

Unauthorized Practice of Law Form