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Fee Schedule

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Filing Fees

Effective October 1, 2008

View Administrative Order No. 2008-69

Reminder from the Clerk of the Arizona Supreme Court

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 12-120.32(B), a party who files a cross petition for review shall not pay a subsequent fee for a response.

Class* Description Base Fee

Initial Case Filing Fee Petitions for Review and Cross Petitions for Review

Direct Appeals and Cross Appeal Appellant

Special Actions Petitioner





Subsequent Case Filing Fee, Intervenors, Direct Appeals and Special Action

Direct Appeals Appellee

Special Actions Respondent

Response to Petition for Review






Minimum Clerk Fee
Certifications Alone

Certificate of Good Standing



F Per Page Fee
Copies Each Page
G Special Fees
New and Duplicate Certificates

* Class: A.R.S. § 12-119.01

Arizona Supreme Court Payment Policy

Accepted Methods of Payment:
  1. Cash
  2. Money Order
  3. Cashier's Check
  4. Business Check
  5. Personal Check
  6. Credit Card via nCourt payment portal
A receipt will be issued for every payment made in person. Please make checks payable to the Clerk of Supreme Court. If you make a payment, make sure you keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Overpayment Policy

An overpayment of $10.00 or less will not be refunded.  This office does not make change.

Returned Check - Non-Sufficient Funds

Payor will be notified by telephone or in writing upon receipt of a returned check.  Replacement by cashier's check or money order must occur within ten (10) days, or the matter will be referred to the Supreme Court.  Payor will be assessed and must pay a return check fee of $25.00.

If a non-suficient funds check relates to an attorney, the matter may also be referred to the State Bar of Arizona for possible disciplinary purposes.