Arizona ICM Fellows

Name Project Year
Alexis Allen Organizational Performance: A Review of Performance Measures and Tools 2014
Araceli Ambert Reports vs Reality: Improving Performance Measurement 2018
Michael Baumstark A Study of Records Retention and Destruction Practices in Missouri Courts 1989
Raymond Billotte The Clearfield County (Pennsylvania) Accelerated Rehabilative Disposition Program for Driving Under the Influence Offenders 1991
Christopher Bleuenstein Public Perception of Access and Fairness of the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County 2009
Tom Brady Security, Emergency and Screening Plan for Scottsdale City Court 1996
Jane Carter Going Paperless in a Consolidated Limited Jurisdiction Court: Feasible or Not? 2014
Catherine Clarich Implementing Trial Court Performance Standards or Improving Customer Service 1999
Janet Cornell Training Program Evaluation in Maricopa County Superior Court - An Impact Study - SUMMARY 1991
Jessica Cortes Comparative Analysis of Arrest Warrant Issuance and Enforcement 2014
Kenneth Crenshaw Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Annual Report, 18th Judicial Circuit Court, Du Page County, Illinois 1988
Patricia Dunn Managing a Photo Radar Project in the Scottsdale City Court 1998
Jacque Durbin Access and Fairness in the Gila County Superior Court 2009
Julie Dybas Application of NCSC CourTools "Measure Seven" 2007
C. Rolf Eckel Age Matters: 21st Century Security in Historic Courthouses  2016
Phyllis Esplain A Critique of the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation 1972
Susan Evans A Study of the Civil Case Processing System, Arizona Superior Court in Pima County, Tucson, Arizona


Kyrene (Nikki) Felix Growing Pains: Population and Caseflow Management for Felony Cases in Superior Court of Arizona, Pinal County


Lu Ann Garbini Safeguarding Public Monies in the Navajo County Justice Courts 2016
Nicole Garcia Examining Dissolutions Amongst Self-Represented Litigants in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County 2014
Corey Graff Stress Management: Controlling the Hidden Stalker Within the Immigration Courts 2000
John Greco Court Management and Court Reform: A Case Study of the Tempe, Arizona Municipal Court 1996
Gordon Griller The Politics of the Court's Budgeting Process: Some Suggestions Regarding Strategy Formulation to Maximize Appropriations 1976
Faye Guertin Recruitment & Retention of Multigenerational Court Staff 2014
Fredericka Hancock Evaluation and Plan for the Effective Assessment and Collection of Legal Assistance Fees in the San Bernardino County Municipal Court District 1984
Peter Haynes Descriptive Analysis of the Third Judicial Circuit Court, Wayne County, Michigan 1971
Donald Jacobson Process Team Organization in a Limited Jurisdiction Court 1999
Edna Johnson Implementing a Drug Court Program in the 14th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida 1997
Janet Johnson
Assessment of Clerk Training Needs: A Study to Determine What Court Clerks Need in a Training, Education, and Professional Development Program 1996
Dyani Juarez Mental Health: Scratching the Surface in Arizona's Limited Jurisdiction Courts 2014
Keith Kaplan Model for the Successful Implementation of Court Technology 2017
Sherrey Kennedy Civil Justice Fees and Costs in Arizona 1987
Peter Kiefer The Role of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management in the Courts  2016
Phillip Knox Internal and External Barriers to the Implementation of an Integrated Family Court: A look at Family Courts that work            2000
Gary Krcmarik An Evaluation of the Jury Management System in Coconino County County Superior Court 2004
Albert Lemke Evaluation of the Pretrial Release Pilot Program in the Mesa Municipal Court 2009
Richard Lewis         Development of a Judicial Personnel System and Job Classification and Salary Plan for the Superior Court in Mohave County, AZ. 1996
Denise Lundin Developing a Historically Signficant Court Cases Cyber-Encyclopedia 2010
Michael Malone Three Performance Measures for the Pierce County District Court Veterans Treatment Court 2018
John Meehan Time Frames required to Process Deportation Cases of Federal Alien Inmates 1999
Dennis Metrick Pennsylvania Case Weight Study 1978
Leonard Montanaro The Facts about Collection Practices at the Mesa Municipal Court 2002
Elsa Montiel Kaizen in the Courts 2018
Olivia Moodyman Law Limiting Driver's License Suspensions and Impacts on Arizona Courts 2022
Teri Munn The Pima County, Arizona STEPs Program - A Story of Hope and Innovation 2023
Catherine Nemecek Implementing Trial Court Performance Standards or Improving customer service 1999
Brenda Parson Legal Information vs. Legal Advise: A Curriculum for Court Employees 2002
Lizbeth Patterson Transition From Audiotapes to Digital Technology in the Federal Immigration Courts 2000
Rick Rager Courts and the Public Interest: A Call for Sustainable Resources 2002
Marla Randall Improving Public Access and Communications in the Navajo County Justice Courts 2014
Stephen Ramsbacher Maricopa County Justice Courts Photo Enforcement Program - A Post Mortem 2011
Marcus Reinkensmeyer A Profile of Court Managers - Findings of a Nationwide Study 1989
René Roberts Year 2000 Readiness 1999
Maia Rodriguez Justice Court: What Causes Delay in the Life of a Case 2018
Nancy Rodriguez CourTool 1: An Evaluation and Comparison of Access and Fairness in the Tempe Municipal Court 2009
Abril Ruiz-Ortega Improving the Effectiveness of Court Orders Enforcement in Avondale City Court 2015
Kathleen Schaben Improving Language Access: A Pilot Video Remote Interpreter System 2014
Deborah Schaefer Assessment of Spanish Court Interpreter Service Delivery Methods for the Superior Court in Yavapai County, Arizona 2004
Jeff Schrade Arizona's Court Leadership Pipeline 2018
Heather Seets Victim Offender Mediation and Dialogue in Adult Criminal Cases 2017 
Patricia Seguin The Use of Social Media in Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County 2011
Sarah Shew Program Evaluation Office of the Court Interpreter, Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County 1993
Eric Silverberg Court-annexed Pro Se Assistance in Divorce Cases: The Seminole County Experience 1997
Laura Spain Achieving Excellence: Mastering Quality Assurance at Tucson City Court 2017
Penny Stinson Development of a Risk Assessment Instrument to be used in Bail Release Decisions in Maricopa County, Arizona 2002
Mark Stodola An Assessment and Evaluation of Mental Health Courts in Maricopa County Arizona 2004
Carla Tack Assimilation Key to Successful Implementation of Statewide Case Management Systems: Arizona Case Study 2008
Dexter Thomas  Moving Towards Effective Strategic Mangaement in the Maricopa County Justice Courts 2015 
Paul Thomas Reinventing the Courts and Court Consolidation in Arizona 1995
Johnny Tse An Assessment of the Transition to a Paperless Initial Appearance Court 2014
Victoria Vasquez Voices for the Voiceless: Court Employee Training Curricula 2015
Richard Weare Electronic Recording in a Federal Court: Is It Feasible? 1983
Debora Wells-Guevara Climate Change: The Implementation of the Electronic Court Records in the Juvenile Court in Maricopa County 2014
Jeanette Wiesenhofer Implementing and Establishing Useful Employee Performance Evaluation Practices for Tempe Municipal Court: What Employee Performance Evauation Practices will Provide Valuable Information and Assist Employees and the Organization in Their Development? 2005
Amy Wood Strategies for Increasing the Interpreter Pool Using AOC Resources 2009
Sharon Yates Analysis of Caseflow Management of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Cases in the Flagstaff Justice Court 2014