Pro Bono Representation Program

The Court is accepting sign-up forms from lawyers interested in volunteering as pro bono attorneys in the Arizona Court of Appeals Pro Bono Representation Program.  The mission of the program is to provide pro bono counsel to pro se parties in civil and juvenile cases identified by the Court in which briefing and argument by counsel would benefit the Court's consideration of the matter.  Cases selected for the program typically present issues of first impression or some considerable complexity or for some other reason warrant additional briefing.  (An unrepresented party cannot apply to participate in the program; only cases identified on the Court's own initiative will be placed in the program.)  After the Court places a case in the program, it may order re-briefing or supplemental briefing by the volunteer lawyer.  Except for appointments for purposes of settlement conferences, the Court usually will hear oral argument in cases selected for the program.  Lawyers wishing to volunteer for the program should complete the sign-up form and return it to the Division One Pro Bono Attorney Coordinators, Eric Fraser, Esq. and Josh Bendor, Esq.  For more information, see the Court's Pro Bono Representation Program Manual and Administrative Order 2014-04 and 2020-01.