Filing in the Court

Most attorneys must file briefs, motions and other documents in the Court electronically through AZTurboCourtSee Supreme Court Admin. Order 2012-2.  Self-represented parties may file electronically but need not do so.  Documents, portions of documents or exhibits that are sealed or that the party is requesting the court to seal may not be electronically filed.  These items must be filed in paper. Parties who file in paper form should mail or deliver their documents to the Clerk of the Court, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, 1501 W. Washington St., Phoenix, 85007.

For documents filed in paper, the following should be followed pursuant to ARCAP Rule 4.1:

- Sealed Briefs/Petitions – Original + 6 copies

- All other Sealed Documents: Original + 1 Copy

- Original and each copy of document to be filed in separate sealed manila envelope with a title/caption page attached to each envelope

- A separate motion to file a document under seal is required unless the case itself is already sealed

Unless otherwise ordered in a particular case, paper documents must be submitted by 5 p.m. and electronic documents must be electronically filed by 11:59:59 p.m. on the due date in order to be considered timely.

Click here for a list of tips about how to e-file documents, including bookmarking and hyperlinking.