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5. Avoiding a Consent Judgment
You must take certain steps before the due date to avoid a Consent Judgment entered against you.
  • Option A: If you can, pay the amount due in full.

  • Option B: Establish a payment plan with the clerk and make timely payments.

  • Option C: If your financial situation has not changed, complete and file a Supplemental Application for Deferral or Waiver of Court Fees and Costs (Form No. AOCDFGF9F)

  • Option D: If you want a hearing officer to review how the amount due was calculated, complete and file a Request and Order for Hearing (Form No. AOCDFGF12F)

If you do nothing by the due date, the court may enter a Consent Judgment against you. A Consent Judgment may appear on your credit report.
Payment Due Date

If you file a Supplemental Application or request a hearing, payments will be on hold until the judicial officer makes a decision.
Appealing Your Case

If you appeal your case, the lower court’s deferral or waiver remains in effect unless there is a change in your financial circumstances. You may have to submit a new application.
Due Date if Appealing Your Case

Unpaid court fees are due 30 days after the appeals process ends.