Arizona Judicial Branch

2012 Legislative Update

2012 - 50th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Changes to AZTEC
DO NOT complete the below steps for changes to AZTEC if the AOC maintains your database, these have already been completed for you.

These steps are provided to assist those courts that update their own database.

1) AZTEC Change Table Changes – provides a quick reference list of charges, organized by bill number, indicating new active charges and deactivated
2) AZTEC Charge Screens– provides a detailed list of charges in screen shot format, similar to AZTEC
3) Changes to be added to the penalty schedule –  provides screen shot information for entering charges to highest penalty schedule
4) Event/Service Screens – provides screen shot information for entering new event/service codes
5) Agency Table- Provides the needed information for entering/updating and agency
6) Allocation Screens - Provides screen shot information for entering allocation criteria
7)  Case Type- provides the needed information for entering a case type.

State Agency Finance Department Addresses 
DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Chart Effective 01/01/12 
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