Impact of Wireless Tech and Social Media on Courts

The Committee on the Impact of Wireless Mobile Technologies and Social Media on Court Proceedings is an ad hoc committee that was established by Chief Justice Berch on March 7, 2012; see Administrative Order 2012-22.   The Committee’s purpose is to review applicable rules, codes, jury instructions, and other authority, and to:

(a)   Propose Supreme Court rules, code sections, policy provisions, or jury instructions it believes necessary or appropriate to provide direction to court employees on the use of wireless mobile technology by lawyers, jurors, media, witnesses, and the public attending or participating in court proceedings

(b)   Propose rules, code sections, or policy provisions that will provide direction to judges, court security officers, and personnel on possession and use of technology with the capability to take photos and electronically record videos by court participants and those attending court proceedings; and

(c)   Identify ethical questions that should be addressed by the Judicial Ethics Committee, the Judicial Conduct Commission, or any other appropriate committee of the Supreme Court.

The Committee will also suggest judicial officer and court staff training to implement its recommendations.

 Committee Meeting Information
 Committee Membership List
 Administrative Order 2012-22  
 December 2012 Report to the Arizona Judicial Council