Task Force to Supplement Keeping of the Record by Electronic Means

Production and preservation of a record of proceedings in a court of record are fundamental functions of the Judicial Branch. Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Rules of Procedure require that courts produce a verbatim record of certain judicial proceedings.

Consistent with trends nationwide, several Arizona counties are experiencing a shortage and unavailability of court reporters. This situation may require courts to reschedule or delay scheduling judicial proceedings, negatively impacting the ability to secure a speedy trial, hearing, or other resolution and ultimately delaying the administration of justice to the parties, victims, and all involved in the legal system broadly. The shortage also impacts court reporters’ ability to transcribe the proceedings in a timely manner.

The Task Force to Supplement Keeping the Record by Electronic Means was established by Chief Justice Bales on May 21, 2019 by Administrative Order 2019-49. The task force is charged with developing recommended changes to statutes, rules, and the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration to permit courts to create and maintain a complete and accurate court record electronically to supplement court reporters and to prevent delay in resolving disputes in the trial court and on appeal. 

Final report for The Task Force to Supplement Keeping of the Record by Electronic Means.