Arizona Judicial Branch

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitors compliance with terms and condition of probation including restitution (when a probation sentence is imposed)
  • Addresses non-compliance of conditions with the Court
  • Requests a Criminal Restitution Order (CRO) at the end of the term of probation

*Please note that levels of monitoring and supervision are dependent on the sentence imposed

  • The legal party responsible for presenting the case against an individual suspected of breaking the law
  • Recommends the sentencing of offenders
  • Maintains court files
  • Receives and allocates court ordered payments
  • Issues payments to victims
  • Opt-in to request victims’ rights
  • Keeps contact information current with criminal justice agencies
  • Compiles list of economic losses and documentation that demonstrate the loss
  • Provides restitution request with documentation to prosecuting agency
  • Notifies opted-in victims of their rights
  • Assists victim with referrals to agencies/services that can assist with victims’’ needs
  • May assist victims with compiling restitution documentation
  • Acts as liaison between prosecutor and victim
  • Orders pre-sentence investigations which may include victim input, restitution claims, and recommended payment schedule
  • Orders restitution amount and payment schedule
  • If restitution is ordered, deducts a percentage of the inmate’s banking funds and sends it to the Clerk of the Court for disbursement

*For more information regarding corrections and restitution, or the inmate’s status, please contact the Department of Corrections Office of Victim Services -