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AOC Incentive

Below are training and resources intended to help AOC staff meet the incentive requirement of ‘completion of advanced training on Zoom and/or Teams Meeting.’

Training resources on Zoom and Teams virtual meetings are immediately available, and more learning resources will be added during the incentive period through March 2021.

AOC incentive-eligible employees should consult with their supervisors or Division Directors for which of these resources meets the incentive requirement.

Virtual Meetings Overview

Learn how to stay connected and organized with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Judicial and court staff will learn how to navigate virtual meeting platforms, create and successfully host meetings, and engage audiences with collaboration tools and strategies.


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Virtual Meetings Training for Committee Staff

Learn best practices for a smooth transition to hybrid work and more for committee staffers.

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Additional Resources

Want more training? The AOC's Learn Office 365 site has additional resources and training guides. Microsoft Teams and Zoom are also offering free, live, online training classes designed to get you up and running with your virtual meetings.


Visit Learn Office 365 Site > (AOC SharePoint Login Required)

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