Training Excellence Program


Excellence in Education 

The JSEC Training Excellence Award is now the COJET Excellence in Education Award.  

Training Excellence Program

Making a Difference in Court Education

The Training Excellence Program provides recognition to trainers and /or curriculum developers who have demonstrated a commitment to judicial excellence by their service to the courts. The Training Recognition Subcommittee of the Judicial Staff Education Committee (JSEC) selects outstanding trainers and training developers. 

Pictured Left to Right: Hon. Michael R. Bluff, Yavapai County Superior Court; Hon. Roxanne Song Ong, Phoenix Municipal Court;  Dyhanna Anderson; Detective Mark McClain; Shelly Bacon, Yavapai County Superior Court. Anderson and McClain were 2010 Excellence Award recipients.

Congratulations to our 2010 Training Excellence Award winners who were honored at the Training Coordinator Conference on June 3, 2011:

·         Dyhanna Anderson, Field Trainer/Training Coordinator for Yavapai County Superior Court

·         Detective Mark McClain, Prescott Police Department

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