eFiling Information

The Arizona Judicial Branch has made electronic filing of court documents available in some counties since 2008. After years of expansion and growth, it now offers the ability to efile court documents in various counties with plans for further expansion statewide in 2017-2018.

eFiling is now mandatory for attorneys filing in the following Courts:

  • Arizona Supreme Court
  • Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One
  • Superior Court in Maricopa County
    Subsequent submissions in Civil and Tax case types
  • Superior Court in Pima County
    º  Initiating and subsequent submissions in Civil case types

     There are now two efiling applications available to the court community:

    AZTurboCourt is currently offered in:

    eFile.AZCourts.gov is currently offered in:

    • Yavapai County Superior Court, General Civil
    ¤ Coming soon to other counties statewide in 2017-2018

    ¤ Coming soon to Yavapai County Superior Court,
    General Civil
    ¤ Launching in additional counties in 2017-2018


    AZTurboCourt forms assembly is available statewide for: