Pre-Screening Applications

Foster Care Review Board (FCRB)
Pre-Screening Criteria for Applicants


The FCRB was established to administer a statewide system of reviews for children who are

in out-of-home placement and who are the subject of a dependency action.

This form must be signed, dated and returned with your completed application.

1     Time Commitment

1)    Each board member shall be appointed for a three-year term. In the event of a vacancy, an individual will be appointed to serve the unexpired portion of the term vacated.

2)    Board members must attend each review. The number of board meetings per year vary depending on the case/child load; boards may meet a minimum of 2 to 12 times per year.

3)    Board meetings may run a minimum of 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the number of cases to be reviewed.

4)    Board members receive an information packet at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting and are expected to be prepared for the review meeting.


2     Attendance

Board members are required to attend all scheduled review meetings. Consistent attendance at regularly scheduled board meetings is vital to effective reviews.


The following guidelines determine inadequate attendance and may constitute removal from a board:

1)     if 3 consecutive meetings are missed; OR

2)    a total of 4 meetings are missed in any consecutive 12 month period.


If the volunteer is unable to attend the meeting, it is their responsibility to contact the program specialist immediately regarding the reason for absence.


3     Confidentiality

All volunteers will comply with state statutes and rules regarding confidentiality. A.R.S. '8-519 (C) provides All records and information in the possession of the foster care review board regarding children and their parents or relatives shall be deemed confidential, and shall be disclosed only pursuant to this article or by order of the court.


4     New Board Member Orientation

A.R.S '8-515.01 (D) provides A person shall not remain on a local board unless the person participates in the training pursuant to A.R.S. '8-515.04.  You are required to attend New Board Member Orientation within 90 days, but no later than six months, after your appointment. 


5     On-Going Training

Each volunteer is required to complete a minimum of six hours of annual in-service training. Training is to be completed within the required calendar year.


Upon submission of this application, I agree to comply with all the rules, statutes, confidentiality laws, and other policies and procedures of the Foster Care Review Board.

The Printable (PDF) Version of the Pre-Screening Application For Volunteers Can Be Found Here:

FCRB Volunteer Pre-Screening Affidavit