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Court Teams for Infants and Toddlers

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Research shows the children ages 0-3 are disproportionately victims of child maltreatment. Incidentally, this age range is when the most physical, mental, and emotional development occurs in a person’s entire life. Consequently, the effects of maltreatment are both immediate and long term. Court Teams for Infants and Toddler’s use evidence-based practice in an attempt to minimize the judicial burdens associated with being in the dependency system.

On May 12, 2008, the Governor signed amendments to Arizona Statutes into law that prescribes processes and timelines associated with removing a child from his or her home and the associated judicial proceedings. Among other things, these amendments accelerated judicial and hearing timelines for children under three-years old.


In an effort to support the judicial system with these new requirements, and endeavoring to further improve the welfare of young children in the dependency system, the Court Improvement Program has encouraged the use of Court Teams for Infants and Toddlers. These court teams are a group of specialists and professionals associated with the young child, that meet to make informed, and immediate decisions regarding the young child in care.

Suggested attendees at Court Team meetings

  • Court Appointed Attorney
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • AZ Children's Association
  • AZ Early Intervention Program
  • Behavioral Health Provider
  • CASA Program
  • Child parenting centers
  • Child Protective Services 
  • Court Clerk's Office
  • Community Member
  • Court Administration
  • CTIT Coordinator
  • Day Care Providers 
  • FCRB Program
  • First Things First
  • Foster Parent Licensing 
  • Foster Parent
  • HeadStart
  • Horizon Human Services 
  • Judge
  • Medical Professional
  • Parent Aide Contract Provider
  • School 
  • Community Advocacy Organization
  • Public Health
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