Juvenile On-Line Tracking System (JOLTS)

JOLTS is the legacy Juvenile Online Tracking System, a statewide juvenile probation and dependency management system developed by Maricopa County Juvenile Court in 1979. JOLTS is currently installed in seven of the fourteen juvenile courts and detention centers in Arizona.

JOLTS currently offers the following functionalities (to name a few):

  • Probation Caseload Management
  • Court Calendaring
  • Petition Generation
  • Victim Notification
  • Treatment Services Tracking
  • Diversion Program Tracking
  • Tracking Juveniles Who Go to Adult Court
  • Photo Imaging
  • Statewide Youth Index, Statewide Database, Statewide Data Warehouse
  • Probation Officer Field Book

JOLTS runs on an IBM AS/400, over the Arizona Judicial Information Network (AJIN) and is written in COBOL, utilizing JWALK software for the graphical presentation layer. The system is installed statewide for users in agencies where the re-engineered JOLTSaz has not been rolled out.

For further information regarding JOLTS, please contact the Automation Business Team at [email protected].

  Amy Stuart    Business Manager   [email protected]
  Tanya Loges   Sr. Business Analyst   [email protected]
  Tanya Lucius   Jr. Business Analyst   [email protected]
  Otis Mitchell   Jr. Business Analyst