Re-Engineered Juvenile Online Tracking System (JOLTSaz)

JOLTSaz is the re-engineered Juvenile Online Tracking System, which encompasses a statewide juvenile probation and dependency management system. JOLTSaz, which was first implemented in 2013, is currently installed in seven of the fourteen juvenile courts and detention centers in Arizona.

JOLTSaz currently offers the following functionalities (to name a few):

  • Probation Caseload Management
  • Court Calendaring
  • Petition Generation
  • Victim Notification
  • Treatment Services Tracking
  • Diversion Program Tracking
  • Tracking Juveniles Who Go To Adult Court
  • Photo Imaging
  • Statewide Youth Index, Statewide Database, Statewide Data Warehouse
  • Probation Officer Field Block
  • My Caseload Screen
  • Automated Conditions of Probation
  • New Detention Tracking Screens
  • School History (Improved)
  • Victim Notification
  • Drug Test Screen
  • Automation of the Service Authorization Form (SAF)
  • Financial Disbursement Tracking
  • Customized Treeviews for Users

As JOLTSaz is being rolled out across the state, the JOLTSaz Business Team and Information Technology Department work to ensure proper conversion of county data as well as providing training to facilitate a smooth and integrated transition between the two systems. With the help of counties that are already using JOLTSaz, changes and enhancements are often implemented to meet business needs, as well as to ensure program efficiency. JOLTSaz runs on a Sequel Server and is written in .net.

For further information regarding JOLTSaz, please contact the Automation Business Team at [email protected].

  Amy Stuart Business Manager [email protected]
  Tanya Loges Sr. Business Analyst [email protected]
  Fran DeWalt Sr. Business Analyst
  Tanya Lucius   Jr. Business Analyst   [email protected]
  Otis Mitchell   Jr. Business Analyst   [email protected]