A Strategic Approach

The Court's 5 year Strategic Plan, "Advancing Justice Together" includes a goal of "Protecting Children, Families and Communities" and within that a focus on human trafficking. The Strategic Plan contains the following goal:

Collect and analyze information on the scope and impact of human trafficking-related cases in Arizona courts and develop recommendations on the appropriate role of the state court system in addressing this issue.

The Juvenile Justice Services Division (JJSD) approach to Human Trafficking is focused on minor victims of sex trafficking and includes external collaborations and internal projects.


The Arizona Human Trafficking Council: JJSD serves on the Arizona Human Trafficking Council (AHTC) which is organized as an initiative by the Governor and directly supported by the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF). The AHTC was established to develop a comprehensive and coordinated victims' service plan; evaluate and report to the governor statewide data on human trafficking; promote greater collaboration with law enforcement, state agencies and the community-at-large; and raise public awareness about victim's services, restitution and prevention.

Arizona State University (ASU) School of Social Work, Office of Sex Trafficking Research: JJSD collaborates with ASU on staff and stakeholder education and training activities.

Phoenix Children's Hospital: JJSD staff collaborate with hospital staff on public education and staff training related to adverse child hood experience and trauma.

Arizona Trauma Institute (ATI): JJSD staff collaborate with ATI staff on staff training projects.

Internal Projects and Accomplishments

FY 2015

JJSD trained 550 probation officers and associated stakeholders through a series of regional workshops under a grant from the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family.

JJSD surveyed the probation population to identify the prevalence of minor victims of sex trafficking within the caseloads of juvenile probation officers.

JJSD identified 15 County Sex Trafficking Specialist (1 per county) and trained to serve as the county's liaison between their community and probation department and county probation and JJSD.

JJSD produced an informational training brochure.

JJSD produced a computer-based online training video.

FY 2016

JJSD participated as a member of the Governor's Collaborative Workgroup that developed The Arizona Guidelines for Developing a Regional Response to Youth Sex Trafficking that was published and released statewide.

JJSD staff presented a training seminar at the 2016 Arizona Courts Conference.

JJSD provided training to probation staff, contractors and stakeholders on adverse childhood experiences and trauma through a series of regional workshops funded through a grant from the GOYFF. 

JJSD funded staff and probation representatives to attend the May 2016 JuST Regional Conference.

JJSD provided quarterly follow-up meetings and webinars to probation MVST specialists.

FY 2017 Goals

Identification of evidence based practices for MVST.

Awareness building & training on MVST for juvenile court and probation services.

Integration of trauma informed court system.

Identify & develop resources and services for MVST in juvenile court and probation.