For further information regarding the Task Force on Crossover Youth Data and Information Sharing, please contact

Regina Rodriguez
Juvenile Justice Services Division
Phone: (602) 452-3219
Email: [email protected]


Rob Shelley
Dependent Children's Services Division

Phone: (602) 452-3416
Email: [email protected]

The Administrative Office of the Courts is leading an effort referred to as the Crossover Youth Practices Model (CYPM) to encourage better collaboration among child welfare agencies, juvenile courts and probation departments, behavioral health providers, schools, and law enforcement.

The ability to share data and information is essential to meeting the goals of the CYPM. The establishment of a Task Force on data and information sharing is necessary for improving on current CYPM, practices, identifying and minimizing barriers related to data and information sharing, and implementing a statewide rollout of a CYPM.

The Task Force on Crossover Youth Data and Information Sharing was established by Administrative Order No. 2016-80. This Order directs the Task Force to identify the data and information that is required to be shared among and between agencies that will allow an improved collaborative approach to managing crossover youth cases; Determine what information currently can be share pursuant to state and federal laws and regulations; Identify barriers to sharing of the data and information; and make recommendations on how data and information sharing barriers can be resolved or mitigated.

A.O. 2016-80 requires the Task Force to submit recommendations to the Committee on Juvenile Courts by September 1, 2017.