Arizona Judicial Branch

Honorable Craig Blakey (Ret.)  
Robert Shelley
Dependent Children's Services
Regina Rodriguez
Juvenile Justice Services Division
Zarina Aguilar
Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
Cory Lustig
Research Analyst
Pinal County Juvenile Court Services
Honorable Joan Wagener
Superior Court in Pima County
Teresa Manning
Yavapai County Juvenile Probation
John Jackson
Assistant Division Director
Pima County Juvenile Youth Center
Therese Martin
Special Counsel, Child and Family Division
Arizona Attorney General's Office
Honorable Kathleen Quigley
Presiding Juvenile Judge
Superior Court in Pima County
Leslie Cooper
Unit Chief, Education and Health Division
Arizona Attorney General's Office
Pete Hershberger
Shelley Curran
Court Services Administrator
Mercy Maricopa 
Bryon Matsuda
Director, Juvenile Court Services
Coconino County Juvenile Court
Susan Hallett
Juvenile Court Administration
Superior Court in Maricopa County
Casie Lightfoot
Grant and Special Project Coordinator
Coconino County Juvenile Court 
Eric Meaux
Maricopa County Juvenile Probation 
Angela Kircher
Deputy County Attorney
Coconino County Attorney's Office
Sarah Murillo
Division Director
Maricopa County Juvenile Probation 
Sandra Diehl
Public Defender
Coconino County Public Defender's Office
Diana Hegyi
Research and Planning
Superior Court in Maricopa County 
Honorable Margaret McCullough
Presiding Juvenile Judge
Superior Court in Coconino County
Diane Culin
Court Administrator
Superior Court in Santa Cruz County 
Lillian Downing
Dependency Supervisor
Superior Court in Pinal County
Amy Stuart
Probation Automation Manager
Administrative Office of the Courts 
Elaine Maestas
Assistant Chief
Mohave County Probation 
Lauren Lowe
General Counsel
Department of Child Safety 
Ellen Grein
Data Modeler/Developer
Department of Child Safety 
Sloane Steele
Cenpatico, Senior Vice President
Business Systems & Data Management 
Jim Lovett
Education Program Specialist
Arizona Department of Education
Dr. John Vivian
Bureau Administrator
Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
Steve Selover
Program Administrator
Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Families