Current IRC Applications

All applications received by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments are posted on this website. They are also available for public review by appointment at the Administrative Office of the Courts, Human Resources Department, 1501 West Washington Street, Suite 221, Phoenix, AZ, 85007.

A small section of each application containing personal, family and reference information is kept confidential for use only by the commission and the appointing authorities.

Click here for a list of all applicants in alphabetical order with political affiliations and Counties.

Elizabeth S. Bernstein 
Grant Buma 
Ernest Calderon, Esq., Ed.D. 
Bryan E. Cooperrider
Martha M. Durkin 
Rodolfo Espino, III 
Donald E. Evans 
Grant C. Freeland 
Susan M. Freeman 
Sheila D. Harris, Ph.D.
S. Arthur “Art” Hinshaw, II 
Dale L. Keyes 
Robert P. Kovitz
Shereen Lerner 
Mark T. Murphy 
Mumtaza “Taj” M. Rahi-Loo
James H. Robbins, Jr. 
Derrick B. Watchman 
Maxine E P White
Teresa D. Wyatt 

Christopher J. Bavasi 
Megan L. Carollo 
Joseph V. Citelli 
Nicole M. Cullen 
Nicholas C. Dranias 
Mignonne D. Hollis 
Thomas Loquvam
Anders L. Lundin
Erika Schupak Neuberg, Ph.D.
Gregory M. Teesdale
Robert S. Wilson

Trevor Abarzua
Jonathan Allred
Margaret C. Bevan
Scott D. Crouch
Lisa A. Davis
Paul Djurisic
Megan Gould Maestas
Brian A. Hatheway
Kevin P. Kopp
David Lane
David Mehl
Brandi G. Oveson
Walter R. Schoch
Grant E. Smith
Michael C. Striplin
Kenneth L. Strobeck
William K. Turner
Donald J. Wilson, Jr.
Edwin R. Winkler
Douglas W. York