Judge Hugh Hegyi intends to retire at the end of his term and did not file for retention. He is not listed on the Maricopa County ballot .
Hon. Steven Fuller2018   Attorney Survey Responses
Key:    UN = Unsatisfactory       PO = Poor       SA = Satisfactory       VG = Very Good       SU = Superior      
1. Legal AbilityNum.Pct.Num.Pct.Num.Pct.Num.Pct.Num.Pct.
  1. Legal reasoning ability00%00%125%250%125%3.0040
  2. Knowledge of substantive law00%00%00%267%133%3.3330
  3. Knowledge of rules of evidence00%00%00%267%133%3.3330
  4. Knowledge of rules of procedure00%00%00%133%267%3.6730
Category Total00%00%18%754%538%3.3113
2. Integrity
  5. Basic fairness and impartiality00%00%250%125%125%2.7540
  6. Equal treatment regardless of race00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  7. Equal treatment regardless of gender00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  8. Equal treatment regardless of religion00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  9. Equal treatment regardless of national origin00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  10. Equal treatment regardless of disability00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  11. Equal treatment regardless of age00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
  12. Equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation00%00%00%133%267%3.6730
  13. Equal treatment regardless of economic status00%00%125%125%250%3.2540
Category Total00%00%926%926%1749%3.2335
3. Communication
  14. Clear and logical oral communications and directions00%00%00%00%4100%4.0040
  15. Clear and logical written decisions00%00%00%150%150%3.5020
  16. Gave all parties an adequate opportunity to be heard00%00%133%267%00%2.6730
Category Total00%00%111%333%556%3.449
4. Temperament
  17. Understanding and compassion00%00%375%125%00%2.2540
  18. Dignified00%125%00%250%125%2.7540
  19. Courteous00%00%250%250%00%2.5040
  20. Conduct that promoted public confidence in the court and judge''s ability00%125%00%250%125%2.7540
  21. Patient00%125%375%00%00%1.7540
Category Total00%315%840%735%210%2.4020
5. Admin Performance
  22. Punctual in conducting proceedings00%125%250%00%125%2.2540
  23. Maintained proper control over courtroom00%00%125%00%375%3.5040
  24. Prompt in making rulings and rendering decisions00%00%133%00%267%3.3330
  25. Was prepared for the proceedings00%00%00%125%375%3.7540
  26. Efficient management of the calendar00%00%125%00%375%3.5040
Category Total00%15%526%15%1263%3.2619