Commission to Vote on Performance on 2010 Ballot

June 18, 2010
Commission to Vote on Perfomance of Justices and Judges on the 2010 General Election Ballot

June 18, 2010

Contact:  Annette Corallo
JPR Program Manager
[email protected]

The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review will meet at 11:00 a.m. in Room 345 of the Arizona State Courts Building on Wednesday, June 23, to vote on whether 64 justices and judges scheduled to be listed on the 2010 general election ballot “Meet” or “Do Not Meet” judicial performance standards.  The public is invited to attend the meeting.

Established in 1992 by a constitutional amendment passed by voters, the 30-member Commission is charged with conducting performance reviews of judges.  It sets performance standards for judges, decides whether or not a judge meets those standards, and publishes its findings for voters. 


The Commission surveyed litigants, witnesses, jurors, people who represented themselves in court, staff and attorneys who appeared before Superior Court judges from August 31 through December 31, 2009.  Surveys on appellate court justices and judges are distributed throughout their term.  More than 16,000 surveys were completed by court users about the judges reviewed in 2010.  The Commission also considers public comments made at hearings held in Phoenix and Tucson earlier this year, as well as written comments.


The Commission’s findings will be published in the Secretary of State’s voter pamphlet.  The findings will also be available on the Commission’s website at .  Voters will decide whether or not to retain each judge or justice at the November 2 general election. 

The following justices and judges are scheduled to be listed on the 2010 general election ballot:

Arizona Supreme Court:
Rebecca White Berch

Court of Appeals Division I:
Daniel A. Barker                               
Michael J. Brown
John C. Gemmill
Philip L. Hall
Patrick Irvine
Jon W. Thompson
Lawrence F. Winthrop


Superior Court in Maricopa County:
Mark F. Aceto
Aimee L. Anderson
Arthur T. Anderson
Janet E. Barton
Edward W. Bassett
Dawn M. Bergin
Roger E. Brodman
William L. Brotherton
Robert Budoff
Edward O. Burke
Harriett E. Chavez
Norman J. Davis
Gary E. Donahoe
Sally S. Duncan
Alfred M. Fenzel
Dean M. Fink
George H. Foster
Pendleton Gaines
J. Richard Gama
Larry Grant
Warren J. Granville
Brian R. Hauser
Hugh E. Hegyi
Joseph B. Heilman
Bethany G. Hicks                                      
M. Jean Hoag
Carey S. Hyatt                                           
Brian K. Ishikawa
Michael D. Jones
Joseph C. Kreamer
Raymond Lee
J. Kenneth Mangum
Daniel G. Martin
Rosa P. Mroz
Samuel J. Myers
Benjamin R. Norris
Karen L. O’Connor
Susanna C. Pineda
Douglas L. Rayes
John C. Rea
Peter C. Reinstein
Emmet J. Ronan
David M. Talamante
Samuel J. Thumma
Maria del Mar Verdin
Randall H. Warner
Joseph C. Welty
Eileen S. Willett

Superior Court in Pima County:
Ted B. Borek
Christopher C. Browning
Hector E. Campoy
Terry Chandler
Javier Chon-Lopez
Michael Cruikshank
Charles V. Harrington
Richard D. Nichols