Arizona Judicial Branch

Arizona Family Law Procedure

The forms listed below meet the requirements of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.

While these forms must comply with Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 10(d), they may be adapted to suit court needs and automated or prompted computer form programs to prepare streamlined and concise forms, provided that all information applicable to a case is included.  Any such form must be approved through local Administrative Order.

The information offered on this site is made available as a public service and is not intended to take the place of legal advice. If you do not understand something, have trouble filling out any of the forms or are not sure these forms and instructions apply to your situation, see an attorney for help. Before filing documents with the court, you might consider contacting an attorney to help guard against undesired and unexpected consequences.

Not all forms may be accepted in all Arizona courts – you should contact the superior court clerk of the court in which you will be filing to confirm the use of a particular form, determine whether any additional forms are required and verify the filing fees. The Supreme Court assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for actions taken by users of these documents, including reliance on their contents.

Single Forms (Effective January 1, 2009)

Notice of Limited Scope Representation
Affidavit of Financial Information
Confidential Sensitive Data Form
Proposed Dissolution Resolution Statement
Proposed Paternity Resolution Statement
Joint Alternative Dispute Resolution Statement to the Court
Uniform Family Law Interrogatories
Consent Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) With Children
Parenting Coordinator's Report and Recommendations
Order Regarding Parenting Coordinator's Report and Recommendations
Parent Information Regarding the Use of Parenting Coordinators
Inventory of Property and Debts
Order to Appear Temporary Orders
Order to Appear Post Judgment/Decree (Revised 05/09/06)
Request for Protected Address and Order for Protected Address
Pre-trial Statement

These forms may be reproduced for non-profit purposes only