Chair and Vice Chair

Hon. Lawrence King, Chair

Hon. Randall Howe, Vice Chair
  Tribal Judge Members

Hon. Lawrence King 
Colorado River Indian Tribal Court

Hon. Margaret A. Flores 
Pascua Yaqui Court of Appeals

Hon. Kyle Fields 
Tohono O'odham Judicial Court

Hon. Delfred Leslie 

Hopi Tribal Court

Hon. Kerry Passey 
Yavapai Nation Tribal Court
Hon Yvette Ayala Henderson  
Fort Mojave Tribal Court 
Hon. Ida B. Wilber 
Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Court
  Federal Judge Members 

Hon. William Canby, Jr. 

U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit

Hon. Douglas Rayes 

U.S. District Court

  State Judge Members
Hon. Jo Lynn Gentry 
Maricopa County Superior Court

Hon Erica Cornejo 

Pima County Justice Court

Hon. Daniel A Washburn
Superior  Court in Pinal County

  State Bar Member 
Virjinya Torrez   
  Federal Public Defender 
Jon Sands   
  U.S. Attorney Designee 
Kiyoko Patterson 
U.S. Attorney's Office
  Attorney General Designee 

Dawn Williams

Arizona Office of the Attorney General

  Clerk of the Court Member 

Deanne Romo 

Clerk of Superior Court, Navajo County

  Public Members 
April E. Olson 
  State Appellate Judge Member 

Hon. Randall Howe 

Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 1