Wedding Photos

Welcome to the February 14, 2012 Wedding Photo Gallery.

There are two photos of each couple. If you are on a personal computer using your web browser you need to allow pop-ups. If have Adobe Flash Player on your personal computer, you may download the original files (one at at time) by clicking on Download this photo, if you do not see "Download this photo", please click on "Show Info" and then click on Download this photo and save it to your computer.  If you have an iPad or iPhone (iOS device), you can scroll thru the photos using the controls in the bottom right corner of the slide. Once you find your file, press your finger on the photo and you will see a Save or Copy option pop-up, if you choose "save", it will be saved in your "Camera Roll" folder under the Photos app. If you choose copy you can then paste it to a folder or paste it into an email or chat. Congratulations!