Court of Appeals

Division One

Forthcoming Opinions


Notice of Forthcoming Opinions

Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals anticipates the filing of an opinion or opinions in the following case or cases on the next business day:

Updated:  August 27, 2014

1 CA-SA  14-0079    VOLK.  v.  HON. BRAME/ALVRUS

1 CA-CV  13-0545     PONDEROSA et al. v. COCONINO et al.

1 CA-CV 13-0393       FELIPE et al. v. THEME et al.





It is possible that the Court will decide not to release one or more of the opinions on the anticipated filing date. In that event, the Court will issue the advance notification when appropriate.  It also is possible that the Court will decide to release one or more opinions without an advance notification.