Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case number, short caption, courtroom number, date of argument and their links in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, click on the link "Audio"; to see a video recording, click on the link "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on our YouTube page by using the case number. You may also do a quick search on this page by selecting CRTL+F on your keyboard and then search by case number.

Oral Argument Recordings

Case Number

Short Caption


 Date /  Link Link 
CV19-0144 SUNBURST FARMS v. BRADEN 1 3-18-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0310 SCHIRMER v. AVALON 2 3-18-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0445 MCRAE v. HUNTER 1 3-17-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0405 ALOSI v. CITIBANK 1 3-11-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0045 DINSMOOR v. CITY OF PHOENIX 1 3-11-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0439 NSF v. MILLER 1 3-10-20  Audio  Video
CV19-3058 SHOOK v. RENEWCARE 1 3-10-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0463 OTT v. BANNER 2 3-04-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0411 STANDARD v. STATE 1 3-04-20  Audio  Video
CR18-0847 STATE v. MENDOZA 2 2-26-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0122 FLORENCE v. ADOEQ 2 2-25-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0106 METRO PHX BANK v. RPM 2 2-25-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0444 KLEINMAN v. BANNER HEALTH 1 2-25-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0056 WOODS v. MCCARTY 1 2-25-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0406 SECURA SUPREME v. SUDHOFF 1 2-19-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0057 MENGHINI v. MENGHINI 1 2-19-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0160 ASHFORD v. ACCUWRIGHT 2 2-19-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0350 COLEMAN v. AMON 2 2-12-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0044 MIZELL v. LEIGHTON, et al. 2 2-12-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0268FC O'BRIEN v. O'BRIEN 2 2-12-20  Audio  Video
CR18-0697 STATE v. ROCCO 2 2-05-20  Audio  Video
SA19-0271 SCOTT v. HON KEMP-RICHARDSON 1 1-29-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0379 GRAND HOLDINGS v. ACC 2 1-29-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0379 WALES v. ACC 2 1-29-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0209 VALERA v. FCA 2 1-28-20  Audio  Video
CV18-0709 AZ BILTMORE v. CONLON FINNEY 1 1-22-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0359 ENTERPRISE LIFE v. ADOI 1 1-22-20  Audio  Video
CR18-0861 STATE v. REYNA 2 1-22-20  Audio  Video
SA19-0294 MARYN B. and ZANIELLE G. v. HON. PADILLA 2 1-21-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0019 NETHERLANDS v. MD HELICOPTERS 1 1-21-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0218 PARMELEY v. CARR 1 1-21-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0378 BARLOW v. POST 2 1-15-20  Audio  Video
CV18-0744 HOLT v. BAUM 2 1-15-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0130 E Z HOMES v. LOISELLE 2 1-08-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0173 HOUSER v. PHOENIX 2 1-08-20  Audio  Video
JV19-0078 JOSHUA G. v. DCS 1 1-08-20  Audio  Video
CR19-0052 STATE v. LUZANIA 1 1-08-20  Audio  Video