Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case number, short caption, courtroom number, date of argument and their links in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, click on the link "Audio"; to see a video recording, click on the link "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on our YouTube page by using the case number. You may also do a quick search on this page by selecting CRTL+F on your keyboard and then search by case number.

Oral Argument Recordings

Case Number

Short Caption


 Date /  Link Link 
CA19-0789 DREAM GAMES v. TARP 2 4/06/21  Audio  Video
CA20-0468FC OBERG v. OBERG 2 4/06/21  Audio  Video
CR19-0622 STATE v QUINONEZ 1 3/24/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0243 ALOIA v. BILOGOICAL TEAMS 3/23/21  Audio  Video
CR20-0352 STATE v. WISE TEAMS 3/17/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0388 ACOSTA v. STATE 1 3/17/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0382 ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS v. KENNEDY 1 3/17/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0281 FOUR 3'S v. SCOTT 1 3/17/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0415 JAMES v. PEORIA TEAMS 3/10/21  Audio  Video
CV20-0315 VESPER v. LINDFORS TEAMS 3/10/21  Audio  Video
TX 20-0005 BSI v. ADOT 1 3/09/21  Audio  Video
CV19-0288 WHILES v. BURCH & CRACCHIOLO TEAMS 3-03-21  Audio  Video
CR19-0194 STATE v. RICCI TEAMS 3-02-21  Audio  Video
TX20-0001 PIMA COUNTY v. STATE 1 2-23-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0330 SOCAA v. DTT ACC 1 2-23-21  Audio  Video
TX20-0004 SOUTH POINT v. ADOR 1 2-23-21  Audio  Video
CV19-0851 MILLER v. HILL 1 2-17-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0336 HUMPHREY  v. SWC 1 2-17-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0268 COOPER v. COOPER TEAMS 2-17-21  Audio  Video
CR18-0520 STATE v. HARRIES 2 2-16-21  Audio  Video
IC20-0033 DIRANI v OREGANOS-REPUBLIC 1 2-10-21  Audio  Video
CR19-0531 STATE v. BERMEA TEAMS 2-10-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0385 SCOTT v. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH TEAMS 2-10-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0350 SPECTOR v. WELLS FARGO TEAMS 2-10-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0363 GONZALEZ v. UNITED FINANCIAL TEAMS 2-10-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0229 CLEVELAND v. MARCO CRANE TEAMS 2-03-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0230 DONALD v. ENG TEAMS 2-03-21  Audio  Video
CV20-0264 BICKERTON v. GUNN TEAMS 2-03-21  Audio  Video
CR20-0188 STATE v. GOMEZ 1 2-03-21  Audio  Video