Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case number, short caption, courtroom number, date of argument and their links in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, click on the link "Audio"; to see a video recording, click on the link "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on our YouTube page by using the case number. You may also do a quick search on this page by selecting CRTL+F on your keyboard and then search by case number.

Oral Argument Recordings

Case Number

Short Caption


 Date /  Link Link 
CV 18-0279 RANCHO MIRAGE 2 6-12-19  Audio  Video
JV 18-0488 SERAH E 2 6-12-19  Audio  Video
CR 18-0356 HERNANDEZ 2 6-12-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0404 HEFNER v. HEFNER 2 6-11-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0553 CONTRERAS FARMS v. PHOENIX 2 6-11-19  Audio  Video
IC18-0060 SMITH v. ADOC-DOA 2 6-11-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0590 LETONA v. ADOC 1 6-11-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0537 VALDEZ v. DELGADO 2 6-05-19  Audio  Video
UB18-0105 JOHNSON v. ADES 1 6-05-19  Audio  Video
MH18-0067 IN RE FREDERICK B. 1 6-05-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0477 SYMONS v. PJO INSURANCE 2 5-31-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0632FC HAMMETT v. HAMMETT 2 5-29-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0562 FERNANDEZ LIVING TRUST 2 5-29-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0444 KORAK v. PARA 2 5-29-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0324 BAKER v. LUDEKE 1 5-29-19  Audio  NONE
CV18-0420 STATE v. AZ REGENTS 1 5-29-19  Audio  NONE
CV18-0381 HERREN v. ARMENTA 1 5-23-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0359 REYES v. GILBERT 1 5-23-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0350 MENDOZA v. STATE 2 5-23-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0397 SWAIN v. BIXBY VILLAGE 2 5-22-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0287FC CHALMERS v. CHALMERS 2 5-22-19  Audio  Video
SA19-0087 AAKJAR v. THOMPSON 1 5-22-19  Audio  none
JV18-0315 PAULE C. v. DCS, J.H. 1 5-21-19  Audio  Video
SA19-0080 R.S. and S.E. v. HON.THOMSON 2 5-21-19  Audio  Video
IC18-0047 FRANCE v. GILA COUNTIES 2 5-21-19  Audio  Video
CV16-0570 HUMPHRY v. STATE 2 5-14-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0439 ANGELS v AZ BRD FUNERAL DIR 1 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0471 MURRO v. DHS 1 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0345 BAPCO v. FIDELITY NATIONAL 1 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0389 DASHI v. NISSAN 2 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0358 REP CUSTOM v. MCBRIDE 2 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0305 FIEBER v. WEISNER 2 5-01-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0403 MALHOTRA v. MALHOTRA 2 4-30-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0438 Knox v Ravencrest 1 4-23-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0343 Fisher v RondoPools 1 4-23-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0296 WHILES v. JONES 2 4-16-19  Audio  Video
CV 18-0256 MARICOPA v RANA 2 4-16-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0278 TRAP-ZAP v. FACILITYSOURCE 2 4-11-19  Audio  Video
CV18-0268 HUVER v. HUVER 2 4-11-19  Audio  Video
SA19-0067 STATE v. MAHONEY 1 4-09-19  Audio  Video