Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case number, short caption, courtroom number, date of argument and their links in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, click on the link "Audio"; to see a video recording, click on the link "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on our YouTube page by using the case number. You may also do a quick search on this page by selecting CRTL+F on your keyboard and then search by case number.

Oral Argument Recordings

Case Number

Short Caption


 Date /  Link Link 
CV 19-0544 TORRES, et al. v. JAI DINING Skype 6/17/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0614 OAK CREEK UTILITY v. OAK CREEK HOLDINGS 2 6/17/20  Audio  Video
CR19-0513 STATE v. CAMERON 1 6/17/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0504 FLORENCE v. FLORENCE COPPER 1 6/16/20  Audio  Video
CV18-0703FC MOYER v. MOYER 1 6/16/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0559 GREGORY v. KIA MOTORS CORP 1 6/11/20  Audio  Video
CV 19-0382 WOOD EXPRESSIONS v. AAA ALARM AND SECURITY 1 6/11/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0618FC MEISTER v. MEISTER 2 6/10/20  Audio  Video
CV18-0712 TMS v. ZACHARIAH Skype 6/10/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0565FC PRINCE v. PRINCE 2 6/10/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0489 ARIZONA ADVOCACY v. STATE 1 6/10/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0424 BERK v. DIMARCO Skype 6/09/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0309 MBA v. SCOTTSDALE 1 6/03/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0674 FREDERICK v. BARRIERA Skype 6/02/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0657 PERDUE v. LARUE Skype 6/02/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0597 IBARRA v. GASTELUM Skype 6/02/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0543 AERIAL FUNDING v. VAN SICKLE 2 5/27/20  Audio  Video
CV19-0467 PODGORSKI v. JONES 2 5/27/20  Audio  Video
CV18-0546 SIMMS v. SIMMS Skype 5/26/20  Audio  Video
UB19-0063 CRONER v. ADES DDD Skype 5/26/20  Audio  Video
CR19-0083 STATE v. VALENTIN 1 5-20-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0583 AEA FEDERAL v. YUMA FUNDING Skype 5-19-20  Audio  Video
TX19-0006 TRANSWESTERN  v. ADOR Skype 5-19-20  Audio  Video
SA19-0290 SATAVA O. v. HON. YOUNG Skype 5-13-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0509 SMITH v. STICK Skype 5-13-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0385FC HOVANNISIAN v. HOVANNISIAN Skype 5-12-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0399 HERITAGE v. ADHS Skype 5-12-20  Audio  Video
CV19-0407FC MARKEY v. MARKEY Skype 5-12-20  Audio  Video
TX19-0004 SWIFT v. ADOR Skype 4-29-20  Audio  Video
CR19-0394 STATE v. FULTON Skype 4-28-20  Audio  Video