Information for Crime Victims

By law, a victim of a crime may ask the Court of Appeals to send him or her a copy of the Court's decision on the appeal at the same time it issues the decision to the prosecutor and the defendant.  If you are a crime victim and you know the defendant has a case pending in Division One of the Court of Appeals, click here to open and print a copy of the official Victim Request for Decision or Opinion.  After filling out the form, mail or deliver it to:

Attention Victim Requests 
Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One 
1501 W. Washington St., Room 203 
Phoenix AZ 85007

Your contact information will be kept confidential and used only to enable the Court to send you a copy of the decision.

Victims’ Assistance

In 2009, the Court learned that the then-adult victim of a brutal child molestation case years before had been traumatized by discovering that her full name had been revealed in an opinion published in the 1970s.  Because opinions previously published only in law books are now available online, the Court contacted publisher Thomson Reuters and secured its agreement to substitute initials for the victim’s name in the online version of the published opinion. 

The Court then formed a committee of volunteers who searched the Thomson Reuters online database for other decisions that identified victims of such crimes by their full names.  Ultimately, at the Court’s request, the publisher modified the online versions of 155 cases to shield victims’ names.