Court of Appeals

Division One

Law Clerk Applications

The following Judges have not yet hired and ARE still taking applications for the 2014-15 term:

Beginning June 28th, 2013, Judges of Division One of the Court of Appeals will accept applications from individuals seeking employment as a law clerk for the year term commencing August/September of 2014.  Individual judges may have  specific requirements for potential applicants in terms of qualifications and submissions to be included in such application; for example, such submissions may include a cover letter, a resume, transcripts of undergraduate and graduate classes/grades (including law school), letters of reference and a writing sample.  Those interested in applying should check with his/her law school’s career services/placement office or contact the chambers of a particular judge to determine that judge’s specific requirements.  Once applications are received, judicial staff will contact the applicant if the judge requests an interview, and to arrange a convenient time and method for conducting same.