Court of Appeals

Division One

Oral Argument Held at Coronado High School

As part of its “Connecting with the Community” program, the Arizona Court of Appeals on September 15 traveled to Coronado High School in Scottsdale for oral argument in the high school’s auditorium.  The case involves the denial by the City of Mesa of a license to operate a tattoo parlor.  In the days leading up to the argument, volunteer lawyers from the community and staff from the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education met with students to discuss the issues in the case and our legal system.  After the argument was completed, and the panel judges had left the auditorium, more than 300 students met with the lawyers involved and asked questions about the case and the arguments raised.  Then, some of the students met with other judges from the court and lawyers from the community and, over lunch, learned more about the appellate process and our legal system. 

This is  Coronado High’s 50th anniversary, and we congratulate the school, its administrators, teachers, students and alumni on their success!