Court of Appeals

Division One

Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case name, courtroom number (i.e., CR1 or CR2), date of argument, and case number, in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, right click on the listed "mp3" file; to see a video recording, click on "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on YouTube by using the Case Number.     

CLARK v. HON.KREAMER/CHAO_CR2_07-19-2017_SA17-0141 video

Twin City v Leija_CR2_6_19_2017_CV16-0174 video

OFFERMAN v. GRANADA_CR2_06-20-2017_CV160407 video

Whitestone v. Jade Palace_CR2_06-14-2017_CV160035.mp3 video

State v. Carpenter_CR2_06-14-2017_CV16-0209.mp3 video

Altherr v. Altherr_CR2_6-14-2017_CV16-0387.mp3  video

APS v. San Luis_CR1_6-14-2017_TX16-0009.mp3 video

Chapman v. Hon. Hopkins_CR2_06-07-2017_SA17-0115.mp3 video

ROLLS-ROYCE v. HON MARTIN-CLASSIC_CR2_6-07-17_SA17-0137.mp3 video

Preciado v. Young America_CR2_6-6-2017_CV16-0426.mp3 video

Whiles v. Henderson_CR2_6-6-2017_CV16-0462.mp3 video

Judd v. Stockwell_CR2_6-6-2017_CV16-0426.mp3 video

SLOAN v. FARMERS et al._kierland westinresort_ 1 CA-CV 16-0046 .mp3

Osborne v. AZ Medical Board_CR1_5-31-17_CV16-0250.mp3 video

Hayden v. Pittendrich_CR1_5-24-2017_CV 16-0125.mp3 video

WASSERMAN v. MOYA_CR2_05-23-2017_CV160471.mp3  video

DES OSC Hearing 5-17-2017_CA-UB 17-0128 .mp3 video

JENKINS v. SECURITY TITLE_CR1_5-17-2017_CV16-0309.mp3 video

Dunklebarger v. Mesa CR1 5-16-17 IC16-0070.mp3 video

harding v sternsher_CR2_ 05-17-17_CV16-0127.mp3 video

Dipasquale v. Dipasquale_Courtroom 2_5-16-17_CV16-0356 FC.mp3 video

Kopp v. Physicians et al. _Courtroom 2_5-16-17_CV 16-0227.mp3 video

BSI v. ADOT_CR1_05-10-2017_TX16-0003.mp3 video

STATE v. TEPPER-CR1_05-02-2017_CR160294.mp3 video

Genovese v. bodynew et al_CR1_4-26-17_CV15-0296.mp3 video

Linnen v. ATP et al._CR1_4-26-17_CV160029.mp3 video

russo v tril city rentals_CR2_ 4-26-17_CV16-0042 .mp3 video

In Re ADES OSC 4-19-2017_part1.mp3 video

In Re ADES OSC 4-19-2017_part2.mp3 video