Court of Appeals

Division One

Oral Argument Recordings

Links to video and audio recordings of oral arguments from the last four weeks are found below.  The files below are denominated by case name, courtroom number (i.e., CR1 or CR2), date of argument, and case number, in that order.  To listen to an audio recording, right click on the listed "mp3" file; to see a video recording, click on "video."  The video recordings are posted to YouTube.  If the link to your case has expired, search on YouTube by using the Case Number.     

In Re ADES OSC 4-19-2017_part1.mp3 video

In Re ADES OSC 4-19-2017_part2.mp3 video

STATE V. HON. GERLACH_CR2_04-19-2017_SA17-0059.mp3 video

ROMERO v. STEINKE et al._CR2_04-19-2017_CV15-0862.mp3 video

MCLEOD v. DEUTSCHE BANK_CR2_04-19-2017_CV15-0504.mp3 video

ADAMS et al. v. GIGUERE et al._CR1-04-18-2017-CV16-0209.mp3 video

JOHNSON BANK v. LEO et al._CR1-04-18-2017-CV16-0087.mp3 video

JOHNSON v. AZROC_CR1-4-18-2017-CV16-0266.mp3 video

LEXON v. VALLEY SPRINGS et al.CR2_04-18-2017_CV160096.mp3 video

YODER v. TUX-XPRESS_CR2_04-18-2017_CV160396.mp3 video

BACHRACH v. BACHRACH_CR2_04-18-2017_CV160440.mp3 video

JORDAN v. HUBBARD et al. CR2_04-12-2017_CV160060.mp3  video

ABEL et al. v. ALINIAZEE CR2_04-12-2017_CV150836.mp3 video

STATE v. MERWIN CR 1 CR 16 0260.mp3 video

IAN v. HON WHITEHEADMAIER CR_1_SA 17-0085.mp3 video

HERNANDEZ v. BARRERA CR 1 CV 16-0529.mp3 video

Boruch v. State_CR2_4-5-2017_CV15-0534.mp3 video

Kottayil v. Insys_CR2_4-5-2017_CV15-0765.mp3 video

Wilcox v BNSF_CR1_4-5-2017_CV16-0740.mp3 video

Fellers et al v Bailey et al_CR1_04-05-17_CV16-0073.mp3 video

Quintiliani v. Concentric_03-22-2016_CV150816.mp3 video

BNCCORP v. HUB_CR2_03-21-2016_CV15-0708.mp3 video

CONKLIN v. MEDTRONIC et al_CR2_03-21-2017_CV16-0252.mp3 video

Rochon v. Grant_CR2_03-21-2016_CV15-0745.mp3 video

Turner v. Hon Steiner_CR2_03-21-2017_SA17-0028.mp3 video

ASU v ASRS_CR2_03-17-2017_CV16-0239.mp3 video

GONZALEZ et al v NGUYEN et al_CV2_3-15-2017_CV160141.mp3 video

AOR v. BUETO CR1_3-14-2017_CV15-0799.mp3 video

AOR v. BUETO CR1_3-14-2017_CV15-0754.mp3 video

TRIYAR v. REM et al._CR1_3-8-17_CA CV 15-0538.mp3 video


DSE v. Bruce-Moreno_CR2_03-07-2016_CA-CV16-0156.mp3 video

Bank of America v. Felco, CR2_3-7-2017 _1 CA-CV 16-0099.mp3 video

Gillespie v. Wallace_CR1_3-7-2017_CV15-0566.mp3 video

DUEPNER v. GEICO et al._03-02-17 CWTC Lake Havasu High.mp3

MITTON v. MITTON_CR2_03-01-2017_CV-15-0769 FC.mp3 video

CLANCY v. DESERT SCHOOLS_CR2_03-01-2017_CV-16-0018.mp3 video

TEUFEL v. AMERICAN et al_CR1_02-22-2017_CV150736.mp3 video

STATE v. AZTECA et al_CR1_02-22-2017_CV160300.mp3 video

GREEN CROSS v. GALLY_CR1_02-22-2017_CV160019.mp3 video

BRUBACHER v. PROPAGANDA_CR2_2-22-2017_CV15-0682.mp3 video

Whitev.HonAnderson_CR2_02-21-2017_CV16_0002.mp3 video

State v. Nixon_CR2_02-21-2017_CR16_0391.mp3 video

AEPCO v. ADOR_CR2_02-21-2017_TX16_0004.mp3 video

Biggs v. Betlach_CR1_02-14-2017_CV15-0743.mp3 video

Storey v. Mesa Unified, No. 1 CA-IC-16-0028 2-14-17.mp3

TAUSCHER V. HANSHEW_CR2_2-15-2017_CV150661.mp3 video

WARNER v PHX BOARD ET AL_CR2_02-08-17_CV15-0863.mp3 video

WAGNERvSTATE_CR2_2-8-17_CV16-0134.mp3 video

USA v VERDE DITCH et al_CR2_20-08-2017_CV15-0690.mp3 video

PALMER et al. v. PHOENIXGCU_CR1_02-07-2017_CV16-0398.mp3 video

ZIONS v. HOELLER_C2_02-07-2017_CV16-0071.mp3 video

AMBERWOOD v. SWANNS_CR2_0207-2017_CV15-0786.mp3 video

MCDIVVITT v. GEICO_CR2-2-1-17_CV15-0732.mp3 video

CABRAL v. DDD et al._CR2_2-1-17_CV15-0721.mp3 video