Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review

Meeting Agenda - May 13, 2011

May 11, 2011
Meeting Agenda - May 13, 2011
Meeting Notice - May 13, 2011  

9:30 a.m.          Call to Order               
                        1.    Approval of March 11, 2011 Minutes

9:40 a.m.         JPR Commission Overview:
                        2.     Budget Update:  Niki O’Keeffe
                        3.     Status Update:  Annette Corallo

10:45 a.m.       Discussion Items:
                        4.    Legislation Affecting JPR:  Mike Hellon
                        5.    Rule 5(c), Impartiality:  Annette Corallo
                        6.    Pinal County Implementation:  Mike Hellon
                        7.    Commission Membership Recommendations:  Stephen Portell

11:30   a.m.     Next Meeting Date

                        September 16, 2011:  9:30 a.m.
                        State Courts Building, Phoenix

11:35 a.m.       Call to the Public: 
Mike Hellon

11:45 a.m.       Adjournment

Public Notice:  In accordance with Rule 2(e) of the Rules of Procedure for Judicial Performance Review, the Commission shall meet in executive session with respect to any agenda item which would involve disclosure of matters made confidential by the Rules of Procedure for Judicial Performance Review, any other court rules, or by law.  The Commission may meet in executive session at any other time upon a majority vote of the Commission members then in attendance.