Admission by UBE- testing in Arizona

Arizona administers the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), which consists of six Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) questions, two Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions, and the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE).  For information about the MEE, MPT and MBE, including past questions and summaries, go to the National Conference of Bar Examiners website at   The Arizona UBE is offered in February and July, and lasts two days.  Its purpose is to test an applicant's ability to identify legal issues in a statement of facts such as may be encountered in the practice of law, to engage in a reasoned analysis of the issues and to arrive at a logical solution by the application of fundamental legal principles in a manner which demonstrates a thorough understanding of these principles.

Applicants who successfully test UBE may be eligible to transfer their UBE score into other UBE jurisdictions.  For a list of UBE jurisdictions and link to other state’s rules, go to   Applicants who have actively practiced law for five of the past seven years might be eligible for admission to Arizona by motion.  Applicants who have earned a UBE score in another jurisdiction may be eligible for admission to Arizona by transfer of UBE score.  For information on these alternate paths for admission to the practice of law in Arizona, return to the home screen.  

Additional requirements apply, including the attainment of a passing score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), completion of the Course on Arizona Law, and demonstration of good moral character. For a complete list of requirements, please see Supreme Court Rules 34-37.  


 Arizona Uniform Bar Exam Cycle Calendar
 Admission Fees & Deadlines (Administrative Order PDF)
  February Exam July Exam
 Exam Application Timely Filing Aug 15 - Oct 31 Jan 15 - Mar 31
 Exam Application Late Fee and Close* Nov 1 - 30 April 1 - 30
 Laptop/Computer Registration January June
 Exam Instructions and Information Memo to Applicants Late January Early July
 Evidence of Graduation Due February 1  June 15
 UBE Administration - Next: February 22-23, 2022
                                      In Person: Phoenix Convention Center
Last Tu/W of Feb  Last Tu/W of July
 UBE Score Release - July Exam Results: October 8, 2021 2nd Friday in May  2nd Friday in Oct
*Note: Arizona UBE February applicants who were unsuccessful will receive alternate application instructions and deadlines for the July Arizona Uniform Bar Examination
October 8, 2021: July 2021 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination results.
Note: A letter containing score information and next steps has been mailed to each July 2021 Arizona UBE examinee, at their address of record. Please allow one week for postal delivery. Once you receive your letter please read it carefully.

Please do not contact Character and Fitness requesting status updates or next steps until after you receive your letter and have read it carefully.

If you failed to achieve a score of at least 273, please click here for more information.

No results are being withheld due to technical issues experienced during the July 2021 exam.

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Application for the February exam opens August 15. Please review application preparation reminders  below.
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Application Preparation Reminders:
The following reminders are provided to assist you in being prepared to apply for the upcoming exam. Please refer to the attached sample application document and review the checklist below. Supplemental documentation will not be accepted by our office prior to receiving your online submission.
Exam Application Checklist           
Sample Exam Application Questions
Current Rules of Admission
FAQs - Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting Attorney Admissions

Forms available for printing and signature:
• Authorization and Release (Required)
• Declaration (Required)
• Code of Conduct (Required)
• Intent to Test Via Laptop Form (if applicable)
• Permission to Write Form (if applicable - Rule 35(c)(3)
• Accommodation Forms (if applicable)
• Evidence of Graduation (see Rule Requirement)
Photograph - passport-type photo (see sample application document for details)
Completed fingerprint card (ink or digital live scan prints accepted) - email request for blank card
Citizenship (current proof of name, age and lawful presence)
Also, please be reminded of the following items which are not required to apply or sit for the exam, but are your responsibility to provide to complete the admission process (see sample application document for more details):
• Valid MPRE Score - Contact NCBE for registration or score transfer at
• Completion of the Arizona Law Course - For registration go to 

Begin an application for Character and Fitness - To be submitted after the exam application. 
References Note: Please provide e-mail addresses for your references and notify them they should expect an e-mail from [email protected] for reference verification. Failure to provide email addresses or providing incorrect email addresses will delay the time it takes to process applications.


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