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Transfer of Uniform Bar Examination Score

Arizona recognizes the Uniform Bar Examination as a valid indicator of legal knowledge and understanding, and allows eligible applicants to transfer a valid UBE score earned in a recognized UBE jurisdiction to satisfy the educational component of Arizona admission.  You may be eligible for admission by transfer of UBE score if:

  • You hold a J.D. degree awarded from an ABA-accredited law school;
  • You passed a Uniform Bar Examination, administered in a recognized UBE jurisdiction on a recognized UBE test administration date;
  • You achieved a UBE score of 273 or greater.

If you meet these criteria, please review the information Arizona Supreme Court Rules 34-36 and the information below to complete the application process.  Every applicant for admission must also undergo a thorough background investigation and complete the Course on Arizona Law. 

For UBE transfer applicants, the application below contains all information.  Only one application and fee is needed for this method of application.   Do not submit separate Character Report, which is required only for applicants for admission by UBE exam testing in Arizona.

Checklist for admission by transfer of UBE score

Register to take Course on Arizona Law (Content applies to all applicants for admission).

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Begin an online application for transfer of UBE score (includes character information – do not submit separate Character Report)


Within the next few weeks, a new online Attorney Admissions application system will be released, and the current online application site will no longer be functional. You are strongly encouraged to finalize your application as soon as possible. If you have not completed or paid for the application, please plan to do so or wait to resume the application process when the new system has been deployed. If you have started an application, you may elect to wait to apply using the new system. You are strongly encouraged to verify that you have copies of all documents you may have uploaded to your application on your computer, in the event you need to reload documents prior to final submission. If you have completed, submitted and paid for your application, no action is needed at this time and we expect to have all your application information converted into the new system. Refer to this Attorney Admissions webpage for updates over the next several weeks. 


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