CASAaz Dashboard Training Videos

CASAaz Dashboard and Gmail Training Videos 

The videos below were designed to assist you in learning the various functions and features of the CASAaz Dashboard. The videos are divided into two sections, one section is for staff and the section below is for volunteers which includes instructions for both CASAaz Dashboard and Gmail..

Tip: If you wish to watch the videos in full screen mode click on the symbol located at the bottom right of the video border.

If you have a question or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact the CASA of Arizona staff (Krissa Ericson:  or Jake Dover

CASAaz Dashboard Staff Videos


CASAaz Dashboard Volunteer Training Videos

Gmail video instructions are located at the section below this one.

Volunteers can view their related videos by either logging into the Volunteer section of the website (User name: CASA; Password: Volunteer) or you can share a specific video with them by clicking on the Share icon on the top right of each video and following the listed instructions.

CASAaz Gmail Training Videos