Training Opportunities
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Training Opportunities

There are excellent training opportunities in the community on the subject of the health and well-being of foster children that might be useful to volunteers. As we become aware of such opportunities we will post them. 


Registration Information

The following brown bag webinars are available for Arizona Attorneys, CASA and FRRB volunteers are hosted by Court Improvement. We have moved to a new registration system. Anyone using the system for the first time will need to set up a user profile. The following are links to CREATE A NEW PROFILE INSTRUCTIONS and RETURNING STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS for registration.  Watch step-by-step videos on how to set up a new user accountreset a password.or retrieve a certificate or transcript.

If you have any questions about these trainings contact Victor Machiche at [email protected] or (602) 452-3525.


Court Improvement Brown Bag Webinars

Downloadable Brown Bag Webinars Schedule for March - April 2024 [Download Flyer]

Cultural Humility: Lessons Learned from Improving Tribal Collaboration from ICWA Courts
Sheldon Spotted Elk, JD, Senior Director, Judicial & National Engagement, Casey family programs

April 4, 2024 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm [Register]  

This session will focus on the lessons on cultural humility learned in building ICWA Courts. Several years ago two ICWA Courts traveled to visit four Tribes that appear most in their ICWA Court jurisdictions toward improving trust, commitment, and cultural humility. Attendees will learn cultural humility principle to incorporate in their advocacyefforts with Indian families and how getting ICWA right is about “connectedness.”

Extended Foster Care update
Barbara Guillen, MSW Permanency & Youth Services Manager, Department of Child Safety

April 9, 2024 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm [Register]  

In this presentation we will address the various options available for foster youth who will transition to adulthood. Barbara will provide guidelines for the program and new updates coming in 2024. There are many changes that you
want to be equipped with to help the youth you work with.

Additional Training Videos


Culture, Diversity, Inclusion

Through the Lens of Implicit Bias - Shawn C. Marsh, Ph.D. 2017 (145 mins)



Walk Through the Maze: The Arizona Dependency Process - Dawn Williams, CWLS (65 mins) 

The Dependency Process & the Role of FCRB & CASA Volunteers - Jessica McCowan (60 min)

Appeals Process 101: Introduction - Dawn Williams, CWLS (65 mins) 

Reasonable & Active Efforts 101 for Volunteers - Jessica McCowan (120 min



Educational Advocacy for Youth 0-5 - Jessica McCowan (120 min) 

Educational Advocacy for Youth 12-17 - Jessica McCowan (100 min) 


Families Perspective 

How Would Franz Kafka View Dependency Proceedings in Arizona - Hon. Bruce R. Cohen & Gabe Goltz 2017 (90 mins) 

Youth Panel - 2018 (36 Mins)  



ICWA 101 – Understanding and Implementation - Barbara Atwood 2016 (90 mins) 

Indian Child Welfare Act – Nuts & Bolts - Dawn Williams 2018 (85 min) 

The Role of the Qualified Expert Witness in ICWA Cases - David Simmons, NICWA (80min) 



Maricopa County Community Coordination Program - Lauren Lindquist (72min) 

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation Info Session - (120min) 

New DCS Service Array - Katherine Guffey (120min) 


Safety Framework 

The Dependency Process - Judges Role Judge Corey Sanders 2018 (88 mins) 


Substance Use 

Substance Use Disorder & Recovery - Susan Stephens (60min) 

Substance Use Treatment & Child Welfare - Adrienne Lindsey (60min) 


Termination of Parental Rights 

The Arizona Dependency Process - Termination of Parental Rights - Eileen Bond, Esq.(57 mins) 
(attorneys are target audience and focused more on appeals) 


Trauma Informed Care 

Trauma Informed Advocacy for Youth 0-5 - Jessica McCowan (108min)  

Trauma Informed Advocacy for Youth 12-17 - Jessica McCowan (72 min) 

Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders - Dr. Sandy Stein, 2018 (112 min)