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Outside Training Courses
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Additional Training Courses

Other organizations offer excellent online courses with valuable instruction for child advocates. These courses are offered in different formats including text, audio and video and may include a quiz. Many of these courses were developed with a specific audience in mind, so not all material will be wholly relevant to your individual role. We have selected the specific courses we feel are most relevant to CASA volunteers, but we encourage you to explore the other courses if they will fulfill an educational need.

Important: The links below go to outside web sites that CASA of Arizona does not control or maintain.

National CASA Association Website
Podcasts (between 0.25 and 0.50 hour of credit for each podcast)
   • Learning Assessment for Arizona CASA Volunteers
Adoption Learning Partners Website
Maintaining Connections (Note: Course is free but you must create an account before adding it to your shopping cart.) (2.5 hours of credit)
Arizona Court Improvement Program Website
The Dependency Process (1.5 hrs. credit)
Child Trauma Academy Website
The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development (1.5 hrs. credit)
Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children (1.0 hrs. credit)
The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress & the Impact of Working w/ High-Risk Children & Families (1.0 hrs. credit)
Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma (1.0 hrs. credit)
Children and Family Futures Website
Substance Abuse & Child Welfare in Tribal Communities: A Two-Part Webinar Series (Part 1: 2.0 hours of credit; Part 2: 1.5
Foster Club Online Training Website
Bio Families - Title: The Sibling Bond (1.0
Court System - Title: Foster Care: Voices from the Inside (1.0 hrs. credit)
Education - Title: Youth Perspectives on Permanency
Special Needs Children - Title: Improving Special Education for Children with Disabilities in Foster Care (3.0 hrs. credit)
Youth Transition to Adulthood - Title: Permanency Planning (3.0 hrs. credit)
National Children's Advocacy Center Website
Child Development 101 (2.5 hrs. credit)
Collaboration, Consistency & Cultural Competency (2.0 hrs. credit)
Development Perspectives on Sexual Behavior (2.0 hrs. credit)
The Emotional Impact of Domestic Violence on Children (2.0 hrs. credit)
The Medical & Development Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (2.5 hrs. credit)
Nat'l Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice & Permanency Planning Website
Bringing Back the Dads: Father Engagement 3/10 (1.25 hrs. credit)
Psychotropic Medication 2/10 (1.25 hrs. credit)
Rural Child Welfare (1.25 hrs. credit)
Strategies for Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Youth in Care (1.25 hrs. credit)
Traumatic Stress in Children (1.25 hrs. credit)
Youth Permanency (1.25 hrs. credit)
Young Children in Foster Care 0-3 (1.25 hrs. credit)
The Institute for Family Violence - FL State University College of Social Work Website
DV 101: An Introduction to Domestic Violence (1.0 hrs. credit)
The Intersection of Domestic Violence & Child Victimization (3.0 hrs. credit - please provide answers to quiz questions)
UW School of Law - Court Improvement Training Academy (CITA) Website
Adolescent Brain Development (1.0 hrs. credit)
Best Practices in Dependency: Planned, Purposeful, and Progressive Visitation (2.5 hrs. credit)
Reasonable Efforts and Court Improvement (2.0 hrs. credit)
Substance Abuse Treatment for Child Welfare Families (1.5 hrs. credit)
The Racial Geography of Child Welfare (1.5