Court of Appeals

Division One

Administrative Orders

Current Organizational Order

Special Assignments:

The Court decides cases in three-judge panels (“departments”) whose composition changes every four months. The organizational order lists the current members of each of the Court’s five departments. To determine which department will consider a particular case, check the Court’s calendar or docket or contact the Clerk of the Court (602-542-4821) during the week prior to the date the case is scheduled to be considered. 

Other Administrative Orders

2015-02 Rules of Procedure for Electronic Filing and Service in Special Actions

2015-01                            Filing of Transcripts in Criminal Appeals 

2014-05 Extensions of Time for Filing Criminal Briefs

2014-04 Appellate Pro Bono Program

2014-03 In the Matter of Araya Wolde-Giorgis 

2014-02 Substitution of DCS for ADES in Juvenile case captions  

2014-01 In the Matter of Superior Court Cause No. CR2012-132521-002  

2013-2  Sealed Documents

2013-1  Confidential Treatment of the Identity of Juveniles in Non-Delinquency Juvenile Cases

2012-0001  Rules of Procedure for Electronic Filing and Service in Special Actions