Outside Training Courses
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© National CASA Association

Additional Training Courses

Other organizations offer excellent online courses with valuable instruction for child advocates. These courses are offered in different formats including text, audio and video and may include a quiz. Many of these courses were developed with a specific audience in mind, so not all material will be wholly relevant to your individual role. We have selected the specific courses we feel are most relevant to CASA volunteers, but we encourage you to explore the other courses if they will fulfill an educational need.

Important: The links below go to outside web sites that CASA of Arizona does not control or maintain.
Arizona Court Improvement Program Website
Multiple Video Training (credit hours vary)
ASU Continuing and Professional Education Website
Overview of SAFE AZ Model for Behavioral Health Providers (1 credit hour)
Empower Postsecondary Planning: Online Training for Supportive Adults of Foster Youth  (1 credit hour)
Child Trauma Academy Website
Various topics - Articles & Videos (credit hours vary)
Children and Family Futures Website
Various webinars (credit hours vary)
National Children's Advocacy Center Website
Child Development 101 (2.5 hrs. credit)
Collaboration, Consistency & Cultural Competency (2.0 hrs. credit)
Various topics (credit hours vary)