The court has access to electronic copies of the documents from the trial court record. It is not necessary to reproduce these documents in an Appendix. However, if you want to call attention to record documents that are necessary to determine the issues on appeal, you may file an Appendix that contains copies of those documents. The Appendix should be limited to key documents.

The pages in the Appendix must be numbered sequentially. If you file the Appendix as a separate document, page numbering begins with the cover page.  If you file the Appendix as an attachment to your brief, the cover page of the Appendix must be numbered sequentially to the last page of the brief. For example, if your brief ends on page 20, the Appendix will begin on page 21.

The Appendix must have a table of contents that includes electronic bookmarks or hyperlinks to each document in the Appendix. The table of contents must specify where each document may be found in the superior court’s record, such as by item number in the clerk’s index, transcript date, or exhibit number.

A brief that refers to a document contained in the Appendix should include a citation to the page number of the Appendix. The Court encourages any party that files a combined brief and Appendix to include electronic bookmarks or hyperlinks in the brief to record documents in the attached Appendix.

Special Actions

Arizona Rule of Procedure for Special Actions 7(e).  The appendix must comply with Arizona Rule of Civil Appellate Procedure 13.1(c)–(e), which explains the requirements for a table of contents, page-numbering, and differences between appendices filed electronically versus in paper.  If an appendix needs to include a record document that should not be publicly disclosed, the filer may seek to file the document in paper and under seal.
All references to the record in the petition, response, or reply should also cite the page number in the appendix where the reference can be found.  Filers are encouraged to file the petition and appendix as a combined document, and to provide electronic bookmarks in the petition to the corresponding record documents in the appendix.  Click here for a list of tips about how to e-file documents, including bookmarking and hyperlinking.

A response to a petition for special action should refer to the record and may cite the petitioner’s appendix for any record document contained in that appendix.  If the respondent believes that the petitioner’s appendix is missing any record documents needed to resolve the issue(s) raised in the petition, the respondent should file an appendix containing those documents. The respondent’s appendix must comply with the same requirements as the petitioner’s appendix.