Court Files

Unless sealed or otherwise restricted, documents filed in the Court of Appeals are public record and available for viewing and/or copying upon request.  Records received from the lower courts that have been sealed by that court will remain sealed in the Court of Appeals.  Requests to view Court of Appeals files can be made in person at the Clerk’s Office.  No file or filed documents may be removed from the Clerk’s Office by a member of the public; all viewing must be done in the Clerk’s Office viewing room.

Counsel and self-represented parties who have filed electronically through AZTurboCourt may view any document filed in that case online through AZTurboCourt. (There may be a delay in accessing a document that has been filed in paper form; these documents may not be available for online viewing for two to three days). 

Requesting Copies (Copy Request Form)

Please note that state law requires the Court of Appeals to collect a copy fee of .50 per page for copy requests.  The number of pages of a document may be ascertained by calling the Clerk’s Office at (602) 452-6700 or by emailing the court at [email protected].  A certification fee of $17.00 is required if the request is for a Certified Copy of the document.  Previously granted Applications for Deferral or Waiver of Court Fees do not waive or defer any copy or certification fees.  Fees are due before any requested copies are collected.  Fees may be paid using cash (exact change required), check or money order.  An online credit/debit card payment option requiring an additional user fee may be obtained by calling the Clerk’s Office.  Please note that the Clerk’s Office is unable to make change and can only accept payment in the exact amount due.

If you are requesting copies in multiple cases, please use one form per case.

Copy requests may be made in any of the following ways:

  • Counter.  The copy request form may be dropped off at the Clerk’s Office counter located at 1501 W. Washington Ave., Phoenix.  The Clerk’s Office is on the 2nd floor to the left after passing through security.  The Clerk’s Office business hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.
  • Email.  The form may be emailed to [email protected] .  Please note that copies will not be made until payment is received.
  • Mail.  The form may be mailed in with check or money order payment to “Court of Appeals, Division One Clerk’s Office, 1501 W. Washington Ave., Phoenix AZ  85007”

Copy requests in excess of 10 pages may not be available for immediate collection after payment is received.  The Clerk’s Office will contact the Requestor when the copies are ready to be collected.