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Meeting Agenda - September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

Arizona State Courts Building
1501 West Washington Street
Conference Room 345
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

9:30 a.m.    Call to Order - Mike Hellon
1.   Approval of June 27, 2012 Minutes

2.    Staff Notes - Vanessa Haney

•    2013/14 Draft Event Schedules
•    Behavior Research RFP Information
•    Commission Member Expense Reports

Discussion Items

3.    Public Voting Procedures - Mike Hellon

4.    Judge Interview Process - Mike Hellon

5.   Survey Form Change - Vanessa Haney

6.    Voter Awareness Efforts - Care McCray-Lengel

•    JPR on the Web: and
      judicial performance review
•    JPR Voter Card distribution
•    Arrange a Voter Awareness Meeting for interested groups (contact Susan
•    Maricopa County volunteers needed

**Please note that there will be a VAC meeting today immediately following the JPR meeting**

Next Meeting Date - Mike Hellon
November 16, 2012:  9:30 a.m. – Noon
State Courts Building
1501 W. Washington, Room 345
Phoenix, AZ

Call to the Public - Mike Hellon

Adjournment - Mike Hellon

Public Notice:  In accordance with Rule 2(e) of the Rules of Procedure for Judicial Performance Review, the Commission shall meet in executive session with respect to any agenda item which would involve disclosure of matters made confidential by the Rules of Procedure for Judicial Performance Review, any other court rules, or by law.  The Commission may meet in executive session at any other time upon a majority vote of the Commission members then in attendance.