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2020 Retention Judges

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Official Voting Information for Judges: Be an Informed Voter!
In Arizona you have the right to decide which of our State's judges stay on the bench and which don't. Start by checking out our short video and then use the information on this website to learn about the judges you'll be voting on so you can Finish The Ballot!

How are Judges Evaluated?
Arizona has developed a process to evaluate each judge's work and report back to you. Judicial evaluations collect input from everyone who has contact with a judge including litigants, witnesses, jurors and lawyers. This input is then used to rate key aspects of each judge's performance including whether they can apply the law fairly, treat people with respect and manage a courtroom.

Which Judges Will I be Voting On?
Select your county to the left to see a list of all judges that will appear on your ballot and their evaluations or select your county from the drop down below:

What if I Want More Information?

Click HERE for more details on the JPR Process and HERE to find out how your judges are selected in Arizona.