Commission on Judicial Conduct

Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee

The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee, organized in 1976 by the Arizona Supreme Court, may render advisory opinions on the Code of Judicial Conduct, financial reporting requirements for judges, and any other requirement imposed by law on judges or candidates for judicial office.  It may also render opinions interpreting the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees, propose amendments to the Code of Judicial Conduct, and recommend appropriate subjects for judicial education programs.

The complete text of all opinions from 1976 to present is available at this site.  Point and click on Advisory Opinions below to reach the advisory opinions page.  Then point and click on any year in the table to view a comprehensive list of ethics opinions for that particular year. 

  Advisory opinions can only be requested by judges or court employees. Requests for opinions may be submitted to the committee at the address and telephone number shown below.


Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee

1501 W. Washington Street, Suite 229

Phoenix, AZ  85007

(602) 452-3200