Annual Reports

The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct was created in 1970 when the electorate approved the adoption of Article 6.1 as an amendment to the state constitution. Shortly thereafter, the Arizona Supreme Court approved the first set of commission rules, and the commission opened its doors for business at the beginning of 1971. 

Annual statistical reports maintained by the commission are available from 1971 to the present.  Statistics may vary slightly from year to year because of changes in definitions or reporting requirements.  Moreover, the automated program that produces this information was designed 30 years after the commission was established and is still being modified and improved.

Although caseload statistics are fairly reliable for each year, the supplemental data shown above the top line on the report, i.e., the number of judges and the number of inquiries, may not be available for a given year because the old manual reports did not collect this information. Click the links below to access reports by year: The commission's annual report for 2014 is in a new format and contains information about the activities of the commission and Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee not found in prior annual reports.

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