Public Decisions

The purpose of the Commission on Judicial Conduct is to protect the public and maintain high standards in the judicial branch of government.  Under rules that became effective January 1, 2006, complaints against judges and the resulting decisions are posted on this website after investigation and resolution by the Commission.

Click on the links below for public decisions from 2006 to the present. Please note that dispositions are recorded by case number, not year of disposition. For example, a matter with a case number in 2014 (2014-XXX) will appear in the dispositions for 2014 even if the disposition was finalized in 2015.

Most complaints are dismissed because the facts do not support the allegations or the alleged misconduct does not constitute unethical conduct. Many complaints allege that a judge was biased based on one or more unfavorable rulings. Unfavorable rulings, though, do not establish bias or prejudice. A party dissatisfied with a judge's rulings may pursue appellate remedies, but the Commission lacks jurisdiction to require a judge to alter a ruling.  Complaints based on alleged legal errors are routinely dismissed. 

Commission staff does not have the authority to dismiss complaints. Every complaint is reviewed by all members of the Commission (except when a member recuses from consideration of a particular complaint).  And the Commission members, not staff, determine the appropriate disposition, whether it be to dismiss a complaint, issue a public reprimand, or file formal charges against a judge.  

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