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The "Rules" tab at the top of each page of this website includes links to the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct, the Arizona Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees, the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct Rules, the Commission's Administrative Policies, and relevant portions of the Arizona Constitution.  The links below direct you to information on other topics. 

The Commission on Judicial Conduct acts on complaints alleging judicial misconduct. 

The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee fields ethics question from judges, judicial candidates, and judicial employees about their own prospective conduct.  Links to formal ethics advisory opinions are included below.  Also included is a link to a brochure entitled, "Guidelines for Candidates Seeking Judicial Office."

More information about the Commission on Judicial Conduct      

Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee 

Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinions 

(Rev. 2023) Guidelines for Candidates Seeking Judicial Office

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