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April 2014

04/11/14  Supreme Court Justices Welcome New Members to the Arizona Judicial Council
04/08/14  Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants
04/01/14  Judicial Nominees Announced

March 2014

03/05/14  Applications Being Accepted for a Vacancy on the Maricopa County Superior Court

February 2014

02/28/14  Nominees Announced for Superior Court in Pinal County
02/24/14  Commission Invites Public to Comment on Perfomance of Justices and Judges on 2014
General Election Ballot
02/21/14  Moran Named to New Term as Presiding Judge for Coconino County
02/21/14  Public Asked for Input on Candidates for Superior Court Vacancy
02/20/14  Laura and John Arnold Foundation announces new pilot sites for court risk assessment tool
02/14/14  Meet the Legends Behind the Law at Website
02/03/14  Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants

January 2014

01/31/14  Judicial Nominees Announced
01/24/14  Judiciary Mourns the Loss of Retired Superior Court Judge Tom C. Cole
01/07/14  Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants in Pinal County

December 2013

12/16/13  AOC Director Byers Wins Prestigious Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court  
12/13/13  Applications Being Accepted for Vacancy on the Pinal County Superior Court
12/03/13  Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants

November 2013

11/18/13  Judicial  Education Program Hits 30 Year Milestone
11/13/13  28 Court Leaders Graduate with Court Leadership Institute of Arizona Credentials
11/08/13  Law for Veterans Website Launches Today
11/05/13  Retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Provides Training to Costa Rican Judges and Prosecutors

October 2013

10/16/13    Appointment in Pinal County
10/16/13    Mackey Reappointed as Presiding Judge in Yavapai County
10/11/13    Nelson Reappointed as Presiding Judge in Yuma County
10/11/13    Soto Reappointed as Presiding Judge Santa Cruz County
10/07/13    Appointment of MCSC Judges

September 2013

09/10/13      Appointment of Division I COA Judge
09/09/13      Pima Judicial Nominees Announced
09/09/13      New Webpage for Court Watchers Announced

August 2013

08/19/13      Maricopa Judicial Nominees Announced
08/13/13      Nominees for Pinal County Announced

July 2013

07/29/13      Public Asked Input on Pima County Candidates
07/24/13      New Rule Regarding Victim Information Effective 9/1/13
07/22/13      Public Asked Input on Maricopa County Candidates
07/15/13      Nominees for Court of Appeals I Announced
07/15/13      Public Asked Comment on Pima County Applicants
07/12/13      Public Asked Input on Pinal County Applicants
07/01/13      Public Comment Sought on Maricopa County Applicants
07/01/13      Yarnell Justice Court

June 2013

06/18/13      Public Asked Input on Court of Appeals Candidates
06/18/13      Independent Redistricting Commission Nominees Announced
06/14/13      Applications Being Accepted for Pima County Superior Court Vacancy
06/12/13      State Seeking Comment on Applicants for Redistricting Commission

May 2013

05/31/13       Public Comment Sought on Pinal County Applicants
05/31/13       Six Applicants Being Considered for COAI Vacancy
05/28-13       Applications Being Accepted for Maricopa County Superior Court Vacancy
05/22/13       State Seeks Applicants for Independent Redistricting Commission
05/06/13       Applications Being Accepted for Pinal County Superior Court Vacancy
05/01/13       Applications Being Accepted for COA I Vacancy

April 2013

04/25/13     Governor Brewer Announces 2013 Volunteer Service Award Winners
04/23/13     Judicial Nominees Announced for Pima County Vacancies 

March 2013

03/28/13     Judicial Nominees Announced for Maricopa County Vacancies 
03/19/13     Public Asked Input on Pima County Superior Court Vacancies 
03/19/13     Judicial Nominees Announced 
03/08/13     Public Asked Input on Maricopa Superior Court Candidates
03/06/13     Public Comment Sought on Pima Superior Court Applicants

February 2013

02/26/13     Public Comment Sought on Pima Superior Court Candidates
02/22/13     Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants 
02/08/13     Governor Brewer Names Kent Ernest Cattani to Arizona Court of Appeals1
02/07/13     Applications Being Accepted for Pima County Superior Court Vacancy 
02/01/13     Public Comment Sought on Superior Court Applicants

January 2013

01/25/13     Judiciary Mourns Loss of Retired COA Judge Joe Contreras
01/24/13     Applications Being Accepted For Vacancy on Maricopa County Superior Court
01/23/13     Civil Filing Fee Increase To Take Effect on March 18, 2013
01/23/13     Judiciary Mourns Death of Retired Justice of the Peace Mike Osterfeld
01/07/13     Applications Being Accepted for Pima County Superior Court Vacancy

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