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Court Communications

The Communications Office of the Arizona Supreme Court and Administrative Office of the Courts is responsible for the dissemination of  information to the public, news media, and other stakeholders. It facilitates public records and information requests, offers updates on high-profile cases, coordinates media opportunities for justices, leadership, and lower courts, and oversees requests to broadcast, record or photograph in the courtroom.

The Communications Office also facilitates courtroom visits, access to justice programming, and social media presence and engagement.



Alberto Rodriguez
Communications Director/Public Information Officer
[email protected]


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Additional Media Contacts

Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One
Amy Wood
Clerk of Court of Appeals, Division 1

[email protected]
Superior Court in Maricopa County contact
Tim Tait
Communications Director
[email protected]


Clerk of the Superior Court in Maricopa County
Jessica J. Fotinos
General Counsel and Public Information Officer
[email protected]
Maricopa County Justice Courts
Scott Davis
Communications and Public Information Officer
[email protected]
Superior Court in Pima County
Krisanne LoGalbo
Community Relations Coordinator and Public Information Officer
[email protected]
State Bar of Arizona
Joe Hengemuehler
Chief Communications Officer
[email protected]
For all other courts, please contact the clerk of the individual court directly. See the court locator here:
Cameras in the Courtroom

Please carefully review the information about the use of recording devices in a courtroom on our "Cameras in Court" page.  

Requests to record an oral argument or proceeding must be received by email or using the form below at least 48 hours before the argument or proceeding.


Request to Broadcast, Record, or Photograph

Juvenile Court Records
For access to court records from juvenile cases before the Arizona Supreme Court, complete the form below.
Juvenile Case Records Access Request Form